EDM YoutubersFRW Blog

EDM Youtubers

By: Liza Kliminsky (IG: @lizaklimm) YouTube has skyrocketed into the hot, new platform for different subcultures to thrive. We’ve seen it happen w...

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Eco-Friendly RavingFRW Blog

Eco-Friendly Raving

By: Yssy Wallace-Wells (@lub_earth) As Spring is close on our heels, festival season is ramping up once again. It is important to remember that our...

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Health at FestivalsFRW Blog

Health at Festivals

By: Celeste (@lady.nyxx)   Shambalung, the Wook Flu, Festival Fever, it’s no secret that the joys of going to a festival can leave many with a not-...

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Shuffle Babes Dance ClassFRW Blog

Shuffle Babes Dance Class

By: Desiree (@beautifulruin) Hi, I’m Desiree and I will be the voice behind today’s blog for Freedom Rave Wear (whom, btw, is incredible at Rave fa...

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Learning PoiFRW Blog

Learning Poi

By: Kory    Introduction When I first came into the rave scene, all I knew how to do was headbang. It was easy, it was fun, high energy and had a ...

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Raving with your PartnerFRW Blog

Raving with your Partner

By: Katalina (@katty_reann) My husband and I have been attending music festivals for over a decade. My first being a small country music festi...

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Dressing for OkeechobeeFRW Blog

Dressing for Okeechobee

By: Sarah (@infinityxeternity) Greetings Fellow Earthlings!  As Spring Fest Szn is upon us, I figured it would be perfect to dedicate my first post...

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