10 Things You Should Bring With You To EDC!

10 Things You Should Bring With You To EDC!

Holy cow, EDC Las Vegas is happening really freaking soon. In just a handful of days we’ll all be meeting under the electric sky. Veterans and first-timers alike, this year is going to be one for the books. For me, EDC is the epitome of festivals — rivaled by few, if any, other rave experiences. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing experience so accessible to our SoCal home.

Freedom Rave Wear Cofounders 10 things you should bring to EDC!Gush session over...let’s get down to business. EDC is amazing, but massives are intense as hell and it’s a good time to remind ourselves that this is a marathon, not a sprint. The saying “fail to plan or plan to fail’ fits nicely here. From experience, I can guarantee you some thoughtful discussions beforehand will lead to a much better experience for your whole group.

By now, most of us have accommodations and transportation on lock (if not, get to it!), but how you approach the actual event can be just as influential to your experience. This will be my 5th EDC and over the years I’ve slowly learned how big of a difference bringing along a few simple items can make. Between the members of your rave fam, I highly suggest having the following items (all of which are 100% allowed inside) covered:

  1. Backpack: There’s one standout reason to carry your EDC essentials in a small backpack (big ones are prohibited) versus a purse or fanny pack — you want to dance your ass off. Backpacks offer the most space, security and mobility of any choice. Sounds minor, but from someone who’s been super annoyed trying to jump around with a cross-hatch bag on too many times, I’m telling you, the little things matter.

  2. Cooling towel: Do not let the night fool you, the Vegas desert is HOT. Temperatures may dip into the 80’s if we’re lucky but will quickly starting rising again as the night wears off. I made a special trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond the day we left for EDC last year just to get one of these and I thank God I did. I believe this cooling towel is the only thing that kept me alive. You might not need it during the event, but you will thank your lucky stars for this thing as you make the treck to your car, shuttle, hotel, wherever.

  3. Tissues: Two words...porta potty. I don’t care if you are a dude or a chick, being left without any paper products after they’re cleared out within the first 3 hours on day is not chill. Travel packs weigh next to nothing and will surely come in handy.

  4. Hand sanitizer: Same words as above and the fact that you wouldn’t believe how sticky a place with 100,000+ milling around can get.

  5. Diffraction glasses: Yes, you can get through a festival without these, but why? Put them on and the already incredible amount of cool light up shenanigans all over EDC get an extra layer of rainbow prisms. The fireworks show will never be the same.

  6. Water bottle: Insomniac understands the important role water plays in raging safely. Because of this, they allow empty water bottles that can be filled at a whole host of refill stations throughout the venue. Save some cash and the possibility of only being able to purchase a water bottle sans cap by bringing in your own.

  7. Charging case/extra battery pack/charging cable: We’re in for a looong night. With lots of opportunities to take sick videos and accidently be separated from friends, having battery power is crucial. Bring your own extra power source or fuel up at the charging station in Carnival Square

  8. Chapstick (sealed): Again I say, we are going to the desert. Things are hot and dry. Only sealed Chapstick is allowed in so pick up a fresh 3-pack.

  9. Gum (sealed): Gum is the sustenance of raves. As with the Chapstick, only sealed packs are allowed. Grab a 3-pack for a few bucks so you have a fresh one every day.

  10. Totem: Over the last couple of years, festival totems have become super popular. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, they are those signs people carry around with everything from Kim Kardashian crying to the newest “Netflix and chill”-esque meme. Not only do they allow you to get creative with your group’s style, but they are actually super helpful in getting back to each other should you split up. Just be sure to check out the totem guidelines before getting crafty.

There you have it — my suggested list of EDC essentials. But I’d love to know, what am I missing? What do you always bring to EDC and why can’t we rave without it?

Written by Desiree Roughton: writer and rhythm chaser

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louis wong
louis wong

May 16, 2017

Bring your flags!! I always love seeing flags from all over the world. I wrote a blog here https://kandifestival.com/articles/rave-props. Any thoughts guys?

Liz Clark
Liz Clark

April 24, 2017

I always bring diffraction or kaleidoscope glasses! They’re super fun to stick in your bag and check out the lights!

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