$60 Gift Card Giveaway with USA EDM Family

Gift Card Giveaway with USA EDM Family! (Contest on Hive.co)


I love freedom rave wear it all looks so cute, it would be so amazing to own some of my own

Skylar T January 07, 2018

Everything on this site is SO original and so cute. Everything fits perfectly and is very flattering.

Cassidy January 05, 2018

I love the style of the rave wear! I’m all about wearing unique outfits with awesome prints. I’d love to wear this to Ultra ‘18 ??

Melanie January 05, 2018

Love your style!!! Definitely one of my favorite lines of festival clothing! Can’t waitttttt to wear your pieces to EDC ’18 <3

Dylan Autoletic January 04, 2018

I freaking love your clothing line, especially the fact that it is made in the USA by hand! Pretty funny I just followed usaedmfamily today because I was looking at Countdown NYE pics!:)

Naomi January 03, 2018

I absolutely love these pieces ! Wearing the acid bandana and top to datsik !! I cannot wait to buy more from you and hope that I get the chance to have the gift card!

Tayler January 02, 2018

FRW is my favorite place to shop! I’m always in love with your new gear and can’t wait to wear some of it this year!

Jennifer January 02, 2018

Love your clothing and would love to wear one of them to EDC!!

Jodel January 02, 2018

Freedom rave wear is my life!!!

Lilly enright January 01, 2018

Dying to own any piece from the Acid Sky Collection…so amazing :) major heart eyes

Kara M January 01, 2018

I admire every single one of your pieces and would love to be able to have one of my own!

Cheyanne January 01, 2018

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