Bassnectar: Building a Passionate Community

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No matter what your opinion is about Bassnectar, his music, or his metaphysical visuals, you may have probably noticed he has been hard at work this year making a difference in the community. His sets are infamous for their visual, mind bending and vibrational experiences, known to leave audiences speechless. The Bassnectar website ( is devoted to images and stories of fans and giving back to the community. In addition to being very interactive, it features photos of art, tattoos, and fans traveling the world donning his captivating logo. It is easy to see that for Bassnectar, the fascination goes both ways: his fans love his style as much as he loves theirs. 




This is probably why Bassnectar has taken so much time and effort to give back! He has established a whole community centered around volunteering and giving back called Bassnectar Network (@bass_network) on Twitter. This group collaborates with heavily with Be Interactive HQ (@beinteractiveHQ): the reciprocal Basscenter community curated by fans. The two groups work in conjunction to organize to park clean ups, donation drives (for people and pets), and bring awareness to mental health and available resources. 


Aside from the charity and volunteer work, Bassnectar also is funding different ways he can get the next generation involved in service. Last year his team conducted a give away of synthesizers designed for children as young as the age of 3 years of age. This was done with one goal in mind: that the next generation of bass heads could start being developed. We are happy to see that Bassnectar continues to think of ways he can give back and get his fans involved. We are truly impressed!

bassnectar be interactive

When it comes to COVID, Bassnectar has primarily been on music lockdown, with his new “Lockdown Mixtapes” series has weekly scheduled releases to supplement of his staple festival: Deja Vroom. He has also detailed how plans to continue paying his touring production staff. That being so, he’s decided to direct all the profits that he makes from songs, merchandise, and more to continue paying his crew.

Bassnectar’s decision to donate all of his profits to his crew could be in response to the peak of the online concert live stream. We love the idea behind live streams… With live streams we work to keep people inside, happy, and active. Bassnectar took this idea to the next level and found a way to directly support his unemployed team members.

Honestly, we could go on and on about the incredible things that Bassnectar continues to contribute to our lovely community. However, this wasn’t exactly the angle we were trying to take when we started writing this article. We saw a piece online about how Bassnectar would play a free show if Trump was impeached, however, after diving a bit deeper, we feel that there is so much more to him than possibly playing a free show. Bassnectar has created an environment that is more than just music: it’s a community. 


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