The Inaugural Groove IslandFRW Blog

The Inaugural Groove Island

By: Courtney Kat (@theenergizerkat) Groove Island was a weekend full of great music, amazing vibes, and even a better atmosphere! 🌴💃 Day 1 We firs...

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Halloween Costume Guide 🎃FRW Blog

Halloween Costume Guide 🎃

By: Kimberly Miller (@kimmillerfit) BOO! It’s that time of year-Halloween is around the corner and, like everyone else, I’m sure you’re starting to...

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Goldrush AZ 2019FRW Blog

Goldrush AZ 2019

By: Jason Euler (@jasoneulermgmt) “The old west is not a certain place in a certain time, It’s a state of mind. It’s whatever you want it to be” -...

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Rave Makeup InspoFRW Blog

Rave Makeup Inspo

By Bonnie (ig: @koretha)    There are so many things to love about going to a festival or rave. For some it can be music, dressing up, doing makeu...

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Raving With Your SisterFRW Blog

Raving With Your Sister

By: Paige Tomasello (@Bass_Rampaige) We have this old tape from a video camera recording many years ago. In the video, I can be seen at around seve...

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Bass Canyon 2019FRW Blog

Bass Canyon 2019

By: Clare Nemec (@dinamo155) Bass Canyon 2019 was a trip like no other, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Nothing really went according to pl...

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FRW Gift Guide!FRW Blog

FRW Gift Guide!

By: Kimberly Miller (@kimmillerfit) Your best friend’s birthday is around the corner- or maybe it’s Christmas- or your girlfriend’s graduation- or ...

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