PLUR Care Package

By: Angelina (@Edmqueenb)

Missing your rave fam who live across the country? Missing your rave fam who you cannot see now due to COVID? Or just want to brighten someone’s day? No better way than to send them a PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity Respect) care package! There are so many creative ways to put a package together and lots of cute items you can add in the care package that will make anyone smile from ear to ear! Here are a few ideas to put together the best PLUR care package! 


plur care package


You can make your care package as small or big as you would like! Just keep in mind that the prices for shipping will depend on how big the package is. You can use any small box you have laying around your house or a standard size padded envelope. A “6 x 10” bubble mailer seems to be a good-sized to fit a few little gifts in! To spice up the envelope and box with a little pop of color you can always grab some markers and add some doodles and a little message on them. If you are using a box you can print pictures, logos, DJs pics, memes, or anything you would like and glue them all over the inside of the box. 

Since we have all been deprived of going to festivals and not being able to trade any kandi you can add some kandi and or a perler into the package for them! You can make it special by adding a word, phrase, or a little charm that reminds you of them or has that special meaning. Since we are all at home trying to keep ourselves busy you can add put some beads, charms, and string in a small bag and have them make their own kandi too! 


rave fam picture


There are so many little gifts in that ravers would love. Everyone loves candy, you can add some starburst, packs of different flavored gums, and a mix pack of candy. Try to stay away from chocolates as they might melt! Some other ideas are containers of glitter, face jewels, chapstick, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, face masks, pashminas, sunglasses, and a little frame with a picture in it. Any merch from your friend's favorite DJ will ALWAYS make them extremely happy because everyone LOVES to represent their favorite DJ. If they have a favorite festival, you can order merch from the festival website. They always have small merch items such as magnets, stickers, pins, flags, bandanas and so many more! You can also add a letter with it. We are all handling this situation differently so adding a letter with a positive message on it or explaining how much you love and miss them will add so much meaning to the package. 


rave fan girls


I hope this gave everyone some great ideas for your PLUR care package! There are so many creative gifts you can add to the box, but it is all about the thought and love you put behind this for your friend! We might not be able to see each other right now but we can keep PLUR alive and continue to spread its meaning by these thoughtful care packages. This is the time for this beautiful community to come together even more because we need all the Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect we can get right now so we can all get through this pandemic and reunite at a music festival again. 

Angie Navarro a Festival Addicts photographer and lover of everything festival related! Spreading PLUR near and far!  Follow her adventures on IG: @Edmqueenb. You can use promo code: Festivaladdcits to receive %15 off of your purchase! 


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