At Home Exercise: Strength and Toning

By: Rosie Levenson (@ring_around_rosie)

Hi! My name is Rosie (@ring_around_rosie) and I’m here to tell you about some strength and toning exercises that are helping me stay sane and keep a routine during quarantine! Not going to lie, quarantine and social distancing has been tough for my brain and body. I am a big fitness enthusiast, and prior to this crazy new world that we live in, I would work out typically 5-6 days a week. I mixed together running, cycling, weight lifting, and hiking or skiing depending on the season! I was really proud of how strong and fit I felt (#swole) and my ability to work out for sometimes multiple hours in a row! And then quarantine happened…and I was like WTF do I do now?

I workout because it’s important to me to feel strong and comfortable in my own skin, rather than trying to be a specific size or hit weight loss goals. A number is simply just a number, and how you feel about yourself matters infinitely more. Plus, working out is always a great way to destress and relax after a work day AND gives you extra energy for the next day too!

That being said, when COVID-19 shutdowns started I didn’t jump on the bandwagon immediately to get at home gym equipment…woops. All I found was an old yoga mat in my basement, and I’ve been working with that since. At first, I was pretty discouraged about what to do to stay fit, and then I found some awesome resources online that actually work my butt off! Here are some great resources mostly involving either just your body weight or common objects you can find at home!




The first day I found out about Blogilates with Cassey Ho I was OBSESSED. These workouts are SO hard but also super short. I’m talking no more than 10-12 minutes max per workout per muscle group. As someone with a super short attention span, the length of these workouts is perfect for me, and they are hard. They combine Barre style workouts with Pilates in a way that allows you go to at your own pace but also seriously feel the impact even just hours later! As I mentioned before, each of her videos targets a specific kind of muscle group and allows me to focus on whatever I pick for the day!

P.S. She’s freaking hilarious. During most of her exercises she goes on little funny tangents often about her favorite foods and even as weird topics as armpits. If nothing else, it keeps me entertained and makes the workout go even quicker! 

I usually try to do three Blogilates workouts in a row, and believe me, I’m dead after each one. So many water breaks!

Best part? Almost NO equipment needed. She has weights on hand but I always use wine (Sauvignon Blanc and Malbec because they are the best!) bottles or even a soup can as my weight. I continue to be surprised by how hard holding a wine bottle can get after just a few minutes!

Some of my favorite Blogilates workouts to try are:

10 Minute Arm Toner:

10 Minute Ab & Oblique Sculptor:

10 Minute Side-Booty Shaper (Get that rave booty!):


Full body yoga flow

Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is the GOAT of online yoga. She’s a total rockstar in that world, and with good reason! She is super encouraging, friendly, and approaches yoga in a way that is accessible for people of all abilities. She covers legitimately everything you could ever want from yoga: strength, flexibility, toning, and more specific ones, like yoga for joy and even yoga for equestrians! I continue to be impressed by how much she offers, and how different each one of her practices are. They go from 15 minutes in length to up to an hour, and always help me feel strong and more centered. I tend to try to do some of her more challenging Vinyasa Flow ones to continue to build strength, and my favorites to try are:

Full Body Flow (20 mins):

Yoga for Strength (40 mins):

If you’ve never done yoga before she also has a 30-day yoga program that teaches you the basics and gets you into the habit of practicing! 


Jake Dupree


HIIT, or High-Impact Interval Training is an intense cardio workout that targets all of your muscles with short bursts of exercises! Typically, HIIT involves burning out one area of your body at a time (e.g. thighs) or doing circuits that address many different muscle groups. I do these when I need to mix it up or want to get my heart pumping in a way that something slower like Blogilates or Yoga doesn’t quite do for me! My favorite HIIT workouts on YouTube are by POPSUGAR. They are INTENSE, and I am seriously checking the clock for a break every five minutes during these workouts. But, the instructors are super upbeat (if not in a slightly annoying and funny way that keeps you going!) and they keep me motivated despite how hard the exercises can be.

Here's a great 45-minute example to get started at home:

P.S. Jake DuPree YESSS QUEEN. (You’ll see what I mean when you try it!)

Other ideas?

Try making up your own routine! I suggest doing a variety of bodyweight exercises that address different muscle groups in your body!

E.g. Shoulder circles, tricep dips, bicep curls, crunches, front and side planks, squats, lunges! The world is your oyster. Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day that’s 10 minutes more than you were doing before 😊

If you’re up to it, go for a (socially distant and appropriately covered up) walk or jog around your neighborhood and feel the sunshine on your skin!

The most important is just get moving and away from your computer or TV!

Stay positive, 


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