Health Effects of COVID-19 Shutdown

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What’s up my PLUR family? How’s everybody managing? My name is Jamie Marques, a professional, veteran raver, master of public health policy, registered yoga teacher and owner of Galaxy Yoga, my health and wellness platform.


sailor moon rave

Left to right: Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter aka Galaxy (author) celebrating Halloween at Club Space Miami October 31st, 2019.

I really wanted to share with you how much I miss raving. I know, we all do; there’s no better feeling than vibing under the electric sky. However, we can no longer congregate due to Covid-19. While no one saw this coming for 2020 one thing is for certain, nothing is permanent and everything changes. What everybody wants to know is, for how long? How long till it’s safe to rave and rage freely again? Will raving ever be the same? Are we to adapt to socially distant drive in style festies among other activities? We’ll see...

As I compose this blog on behalf of Freedom Rave Wear, my speakers blast the EDC Las Vegas live stream and I can’t help but scream. Is raving going to be the same? Honestly, nothing will. We are collectively enduring the shift of the century and require music therapy more than ever. Thus, I truly appreciate all the artists keeping us in tune via streaming platforms like the insomniac events YouTube, twitch & IG. However, don’t get me wrong - all these live-streams simply serve as Band-Aids pressed upon the horrific open wounds of society. People are sick, people are dying. Healthcare heroes are risking their lives each and every day they take the frontlines and I salute them. 

We need the healing power of music. The one frequency with the energy to connect everybody! I honestly never realized how much I had taken for granted – from hugging my friends, meeting up at shuffle circles, sharing water to exchanging kandi! Such a special aspect of my essence. Us modern day hippies thrive off of raving, dancing, shuffling, stomping, sliding, shoulder rides, overpriced water and Uber loud bass in our face! The energy is more contagious than COVID and stronger too because despite the shutdown, the PLUR family is very much alive and unified.

Consider this.... a few months pass from now and some entertainment conglomerate considers hosting the return rave of our life time... are you going? Would you feel safe? Just this week, a friend of mine who goes by DJ Slim was about to play his first post pandemic shut down event which was cancelled due to someone being positive. It’s definitely still too soon but will it ever be safe?

Let’s consider the socially distant rave setting... As a Miami baby and festie veteran, I can’t begin to conceive a party where we can’t dance and grind close by drawn by the heat and scent of pheromones as we socialize and vibe. Are masks going to be a permanent staple of society? Should I start customizing my PPE? I’m talking disco Decon suits to EDC!

Imagine anti-microbial, reflective jump suits, matching masks gloves and boots. We’ve all seen the meme, hitting house parties and clubs in full PPE. Well, this joke seems more and more like reality as time is passing... Freedom Rave Wear let’s design something!

But in all seriousness, I also want each of us to reflect and consider the stress and overall health and social effects of this shut down. This is the first time in history any of us experience an order of this nature. Of course, I agree, we must stay home to stay safe but how has this changed us? In the words of rave queen, Lady Casa, “I love the feeling of being on the dance floor and having to tightly squeeze through my tribe to feel out the different hot spots of the grounds. I feel the heartbeats as I pass. It’s hot, sweaty & humid but the temperature is how I like it. The collective vibrations of elations, happiness, excitement, appreciation and overall feel good energy elevated as the music escalates...yummy environment where all my little immunity cellular soldiers have become strong over all these years (courtesy of her recent IG post @ladycasa).” All ravers can relate, there’s no close like festival/club close and these experiences have exposed our bodies and souls to each other simultaneously strengthening our soular connection and cellular immunity.

Yet, I never thought I’d see the day where there used to be lines wrapped around the blocks at night clubs not Publix! We can no longer essentially shop normally let alone party & if you’re a real rager like me, you know what a shock it’s been to go from clubbing in cute, tiny costumes bouncing throughout all the sections saying hi to anybody to not even touching door knobs, faucet handles and dispensers at my own job out of fear of contracting this virus! My anxiety has crashed me like tsunami waves... I don’t want to get sick or become an asymptomatic carrier and potentially kill somebody. It’s a physical and mental transition we are all experiencing together at different frequencies.


rave girls selfie

The SQUAD gathered for a photo during FOOLS GOLD in Mana Wynwood September 2015.

As I watch the different DJ live-streams stomping, shuffling, shaking & singing in my living room, tears stream down my face. I deeply feel the stinging PTSD of not being able to practice peace, love, unity and respect with my community, the crowd, the headliner and everyone unified under the electric sky. I suffer because my heart yearns for the lives lost, my mind questions why this pandemic had to happen to us at this point in time and what’s the best way for us to overcome this situation so that we can safely reunite. What are we meant to learn from this?

Consider that we truly are connected for reasons beyond belief and understanding. Not only are we collectively connected, but also notice how one person getting sick in China changed the world for everyone. That’s why we have to take care of ourselves, our planet, plants, people and animals! Hopefully, we can establish safer habits to prevent something like this from occurring again because we definitely were not prepared and require serious recovery.

Our inability to effectively test and treat is crippling and traumatizing. Our lack of a national emergency preparedness program is alarming. Our nation needed a unified, data based plan designed to prevent stockpiling ensuring enough safety PPE and sanitization for everybody!

A fund of money to support the “non-essential” workers who do not stand a chance against the terminally blocked unemployment servers jammed all day every day. Yet, the bills keep compiling and while several agencies are offering assistance and resources not everyone has the access!

Remember, while we are all enduring the same storm we are all on different boats - some of us are hanging off of life rafts while others are zooming by in yachts.


rave family ultra heineken

Please feel free to reach out if you are in need of any ancillary support services and I will do what I can to connect you. It’s my duty as a public health official and yogi from the galaxies sent to unify the masses via asana and empowerment! You can learn more about me my mission, vision and global galaxy yoga goal on and Instagram @jamiegalaxyyoga

Feel free to share your feelings and feedback but keep it positive please! Ultimately, I aim to connect, stimulate and educate from a sacred space deep within glistening love and light thank you for your time. Stay safe, hope to party with you soon. Namaste. 

rave girls selfie

Left to right: KC (friend) & Galaxy (author) cuddling underneath the Resistance Arcadia Spider stage at Ultra Miami March 25th, 2017.


About the author:

Born in Miami, FL on July 23rd, 1993, Jamie Marques aka Galaxy, is a 26-year-old Public Health Official who earned their Master of Public Health Policy and Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2018. She has been raging since age 20 where she attended her first rave, Indepandance Festival on July 22nd, 2013. Since then, she could not get enough of that electrifying PLUR energy and quickly became accustomed to the fast, festival lifestyle. From booking a flight to California to attend Groove Cruise in 2018 to driving across the country for 3 days to party 3 more days at EDC Las Vegas in 2015, to spending countless nights which turned to days at local nightclubs. I embrace my electronic environment, PLUR family, appreciate the DJs, performers, servers, logistics and more. I am passionate about raving safely, raging classy and caring for one another during each encounter. As we consciously embrace each musical memory, we strengthen that collective, vibrant spirit. It’s my honor to share my experience and express my passion for the rave community. I hope we can all dance together soon. Stay safe and positive, remember and repeat, peace begins with me. Party safely, don’t stop dancing! 

Love, Galaxy 

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