Health Hacks: Diet, Hydration, and Fitness

By: Kimberly Miller (@kimmillerfit)


Everyone is gearing up for the 2020 festival season and if you’re anything like me, you’re already planning which festivals you’ll be attending and what outfits you’re gonna rock-and then comes the want to look GOOD this summer. And you want to FEEL GOOD! You start thinking about dieting, hitting the gym, maybe throwing in some cardio a few times a week and these are all great things to do to kickstart your summer bod. But often when we dive into things head first we crash. I know this first hand.


Bikini Competition girl


As a 5-time bikini fitness competitor and ex-varsity track athlete, I’ve been through it all when it comes to health and fitness. Intense 2 times/day training...crazy amounts of cardio...diets made up of almost entirely protein...and I’m here to tell you it ain’t the answer sis! Typically this level of commitment is not kept up for a long period of time and quite honestly it’s just not enjoyable. You don’t feel good. You feel lethargic and irritable. So, if you’re looking to lose a few pounds or shape up for summer, or simply looking to feel good, I suggest you start slow and set yourself up for a long term win. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about the body and the psychology behind dieting and training so I want to share my top tips for you to implement into your day to day life now so that come festival season you are looking and feeling your best!


Small swaps make a big difference

Start with small things! Analyze your day to day diet and pick out a few things that you can exchange for more healthier options. Usually, to us, we don’t recognize this as a huge change-but sometimes it’s quite a large amount of calories we can get rid of or additional calories we can burn!


Starbucks calorie chart


For example-if, you get a Starbucks frapp every day (this could be anywhere from let’s say 200-600 calories), opt instead for something with lower sugar, or a coffee or tea. This is an easy change to implement, get used to and most importantly KEEP UP. Let’s say you make this change now and you take 300 calories out of your daily caloric intake. At that rate. This alone can have you down about 10lbs of body fat in under 4 months. If you slowly implement these changes you can make some serious progress by summertime. A few other swaps I can suggest:

  • Diet pop or fruit-infused water instead of full-calorie pop
  • A plate of veggies with your meal (minimal oil/sauce) instead of a side of carbs (is. Potatoes, fries, etc.)
  • High protein breakfast-I’ve done this myself-I eat a cup of egg whites for breakfast and that is it. It lets me save some of my day’s calories for later at night when I have the munchies (lol) and since I’m quick to head out the door in the morning there’s really no temptation to try to snack on more
  • Nighttime tea-like I just mentioned. I totally get the night time munchies! So every night after my last meal I make a chamomile tea. It keeps me occupied and out of my cupboards and it’s also the perfect tea to drink before bed to get your body relaxed. It’s also great for reducing inflammation and anxiety!
  • Alcohol-if you’re going to drink, drink smart! Drinks like 4 Lokos and margaritas have an absolute mind blogging amount of sugar and calories. Instead, opt for something like wine, or a harder liquor like vodka mixed with something low or zero calories. Vodka with Gatorade or MIOS is my go-to because it’s super low calorie and the electrolytes in the mix keep you somewhat hydrated reducing your hangover the next day.
  • Hydration-do not underestimate the power of a full belly! drinking a gallon of water throughout the day is a great way to keep yourself hydrated and feeling good and to reduce mindless eating. Carry around a liter water bottle or even a 2L or gallon jug to make it super easy to hit your daily target!
  • Walking is your friend! It seems simple...but most people don’t give it thought. Instead of taking transit to work every day, I now walk. I also go on a half-hour long walk at lunch. If you have music in your ears and your phone in your hand the time passes, I promise! Because I’ve made these choices, I walk an extra 10,000 steps every day and this equates to a lot of calories burned and weight lost-no gym required. Evaluate your daily routine and see where you can fit in some extra steps.
  • Last but not least-a gym routine will obviously help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals-but my tip to you is to make sure you do not hit the ground running. If you’re new to the gym, start out going 2-4 times a week and slowly work your way up. This will be effective and maintainable!


I hope these tips help you become a better version of yourself and to feel absolutely amazing come rave season. Shoot me a message on Instagram and let me know what festivals I’ll see you at this summer!



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