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GloFX Diffraction Glasses

GloFX Diffraction Glasses
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-What Are Diffraction and Kaleidoscope Glasses?-

Every day we encounter diffraction and you would be surprised how many applications it has. With uses ranging from scientific research to entertainment, our Diffraction and Kaleidoscope Glasses are great for many uses including the following:

  • Fireworks and Firework Shows
  • Science Class and Learning the study of light waves
  • Holiday and Christmas lights
  • Music Festivals and carnivals
  • Watching TV / 3D Movies
  • Visualizers on as itunes windows media player
  • Projection mapping and 3d screens
  • Looking at lights and in nature
  • Enhancing Laser Light Shows
  • EDM Music Festivals
  • Creating Epic Rainbows anywhere you go
  • Watching Epic DJ's
  • LED Gloving and orbit light shows
  • Adding depth to Poi and LED props
  • Enhancing any lightshows or performances
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-How Do Diffraction Glasses Work?-

The effects of diffraction are becoming more and more popular by the day. With it’s entertaining visuals, you can understand why it’s taking the nation by storm. With all this hype you may be asking yourself, “What is diffraction anyways?”. Diffraction is defined as the process by which a beam of light waves is spread out as a result of passing through a narrow aperture or across an edge or “grating”. As the light passes through this grating, each beam of light is split into its individual spectrum of colors turning white light into a full rainbow spectrum. Pretty cool, huh?
You can see by just looking at a single light source; the diffraction effect will create a burst of colors. Now imagine looking at hundreds of fireworks, lasers, and holiday light and you can see why diffraction glasses have really become so popular.
The discovery of light diffraction goes back to when Sir Issac Newton observed a beam of sunlight pass through a glass prism. What he discovered is that light is made up of a spectrum ranging from 7 different visible colors. This is the exact same visible spectrum that you see when wearing diffraction glasses today! During this time a man by the name of Francesco Maria Grimaldi, also observed and characterized what would soon be known as light diffraction. Francesco is also known for coining the term “diffraction,” from the Latin “diffringere,” meaning ‘to break into pieces.’ Fast forwarding some years and a scientist named James Gregory observed the first form of diffraction grating, by studying the light break up caused by bird feathers. Throughout the years, their observations were studied and molded into the theories and laws, which govern, light diffraction as we know it today! Pretty trippy.
According to physics, diffraction is the spreading out of waves. These waves can vary from water, sound, radio, or light, as they pass around an obstacle or go through an opening. This is the main idea when determining if diffraction is being observed. Some everyday ideas of diffraction are water waves spreading out as they move around an obstacle, such as a large rock in the middle of a stream. These waves have been diffracted around the rock that is in the way. Maybe this example will be more familiar. Have you ever observed the back of a CD when light hits it? The rainbow pattern that is created really is diffraction in the works. The key to providing an awesome and stimulating visual experience is having light waves that ordinarily will not bend around corners, but will be diffracted when they pass through tiny openings. Now you have yourself an awesome pair of diffraction glasses.
Another cool feature about diffraction is that you can tell a ton of information simply by studying the spectrum of colors it produces. Some knowledge that can be gained by observing diffraction is how hot the object is, how fast it’s moving, or what it’s made of. When looking at objects, such as distant galaxies, this kind of information can be very beneficial. Realistically though, you are most likely buying a pair of these glasses for entertainment purposes and could care less about the temperature of a star millions of light years away.
So what makes other diffraction glasses better than others? The answer is based on what you are looking to do with these glasses. Some might enjoy a softer effect to wear during the day and for long-term use. While most people look for the most intense effect created by multiple layers of material or lenses. If you are looking for rave or festival glasses, we highly recommend an intense effect as found with our 3D Diffraction Glasses, or Matrix Glasses. Since we manufacture these glasses we have the ability to customize every aspect of the design. Keep in mind though, the more layers of diffraction you have, the less light passes through the lens creating a more blurry view. The best diffraction glasses at the end of the day are judged on a personal perspective. Luckily, GloFX offers tons of dimensional eyewear options and customizable designs.
GloFX GlassesGloFX GlassesGloFX GlassesGloFX Glasses

-Cleaning and Care for your Diffraction Glasses-

After purchasing your first pair of diffraction glasses, you would be surprised at how little maintenance it takes to keep your glasses perfect and ready for every event. The most crucial aspect of the glasses are the diffraction lenses, this is why we provide each customer with stylish micro fiber carrying cases. This is the perfect addition to keep your glasses safe and secure, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

Here are a few basic guidelines to keep your diffraction glasses looking brand new!

Diffraction Glasses Care and Cleaning Instructions:

1.Do not use any cleaning solutions or soaps on your lenses.(no windex, no soap, no oils!)

2.Avoid contact with any oily substances.

3.Use only plain water and cotton or microfiber cloths to clean your lenses.
4.Store your glasses in a cloth pouch or case when not in use to avoid contact with dirt and debris.
5.Store your glasses in a cool, dry place.

 Why is it such a big deal to avoid oily substances? The answer lies in the principles behind diffraction glasses. Remember that your lenses give off such awesome visual sensations due to the microscopic laser etched slits within the glasses. Water has no problem cleaning and wiping free from these slits, but oils have a tendency to fill in the microscopic slits and is nearly impossible to fully remove. This can cause your diffraction effects to be greatly diminished and even become obsolete. So always remember to care for your diffraction glasses by simply cleaning them with water and a micro fiber cloth!

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